The English pattern entered in the FCI register under the number 127b (5. X. 1966 r.)

Dogs of this breed, very characteristic, they are not bred with us.

General impression. Rather massive and muscular, about the freedom of movement and the lively action of the tail.

Head. Harmoniously built. Moderately long and wide in the cerebral part, gently arched from ear to ear, with a central forehead furrow and a distinct leading edge. Not flat, neither apple-shaped. Expressive supracellular bows, rounded occiput, not pointed. Nostrils well developed, liver-colored truffle. Hazel eyes, quite big, not convex, with a gentle "dreamy" look. The eyelids fit tightly to the eyeball, not exposing the lacrimal gland too much. Thick ears, quite large and oval, moderately low set, but not as low as u field spaniel, carried close to the head and covered with a soft one, wavy hair. Strong and even bite, nor the front, nor the rear, scissor.

Neck. Long, strongly muscled and slightly bent, but not raising the head well above the level of the back; skin without throat folds, the hair forms a well-defined "wicherek"”.

Torso. Pretty long, even and strong. Chest deep and very well developed, not too round or wide. Back and loins long and strongly muscled.

Front limbs. Rather short and strong, moderately decorated with feathers. Oblique and free shoulder blades. Shoulders well angulated and muscular. Wrist joints wide and strong, Pasterns short and well angulated.

Hindquarters. Thighs with strong bones and well-developed muscles. Knees wide and strong. The legs are rather short and strong, with good bone, moderately decorated with a feather, slightly shorter than the front, not too much angulation at the knees, so that they do not resemble a setter. Profusely decorated with a feather to the fifth, below which abundant hair is undesirable. Large and round feet. Profuse hair between the toes.

Tail. Cropped at 13-17 cm, set low and not carried above the back, busy, densely covered with moderately long hair.

Robe. Obfita, flat, no tendency to twist into curls. Abundant undercoat protects against bad weather.

Ointment. Juicy, golden liver, brighter ends of the hair. Dark liver or flea-colored - defective.

Body dimensions. The ideal weight of the dog 20 kg, suki 18 kg; height 38-40 cm.