Pattern entered in the FCI register under the number 139 (14. VIII. 1963 r.)

Rzadko jest u nas spotykany; stanowi na pewno pradawny typ miejscowego psa. Hodowla sportowa zajęła się nim u schyłku ubiegłego stulecia. Rasa ta ma te same walory użytkowe myśliwskie, co airedale, zwłaszcza w buszówce wodnej i w tępieniu gryzoni. The Irish attribute extraordinary devotion and loyalty to their terrier. In appearance, it is a typical terrier with a height between an airedale terrier and a fox terrier, but with a slightly bold structure. It is characterized by a uniform "Irish" color” - from yellow to red. The Irish pride themselves on this breed and breed it not so much for its exhibition values, what utility; it is the perfect companion for home and hunting.

Irish Terriers, among all hunting breeds, are an exception in terms of gentleness towards people, but in intercourse with other dogs, they are rather too prone to quarrels. Limitless courage combined with impetuosity and obstinacy, with which they throw themselves at their opponents regardless of the obstacles, gained the nickname of "incarnate devils" (the dare devils).

But “off-duty”, in the hands of the guide, the Irish Terrier is extremely calm and docile. When he sees himself, how caressingly she hugs her head to the hand of her master, hard to believe, that in the event of a scuffle, he can show the courage of a lion and fights to the last breath. He is extremely loyal to his master; there are known accidents, that he follows him at an incredible distance.

General impression. Massive dog, but not too heavy or stocky, full of temperament, fast, persistent and strong. Wirehaired, with the graceful silhouette of a racer.

Head. Big, in the cerebral part, it is flat and rather narrow, between the ears tapering gradually towards the eyes, no folds. The front breakthrough is barely visible in profile. Jaw and mandible long enough to provide a firm grip. The lower jaw is muscular and strong, cheeks not very full. Teeth equal, strong and pure white. The upper teeth slightly overlap the lower ones. The facial part of the head is not chapped, nor falling sharply below or between the eyes, well formed, with a delicate sculpture, soothing wedge-shapedness. The hair on the head is tight, shaggy and relatively long, enhancing the impression of the strength of the mouth. Tight lips, almost black. Black nose. Dark eyes, small, not convex, full of fire and cleverness. Small V-shaped ears, moderate thickness, well seated, folded above the head; hanging part pointing to the front, it fits tightly on one side of the head. The auricles without fringes, covered with shorter and darker hair than on the body.

Neck. Fairly long and gradually widening towards the withers. Well carried; skin without folds and dewlap. There are whirlwinds on both sides of the neck” reaching the edge of the ear.

Torso. Reasonable length. Chest deep and well muscled, not very broad or wide, with slightly curved ribs, reaching far back. The back is strong and straight, not flabby; loins muscular and gently arched.

Front limbs. Medium strong, well tied to the shoulder blades (delicate, long and oblique), całkowicie proste, o dobrze rozwiniętym kośćcu i mięśniach, densely hairy. W chodzie wyrzucane przed siebie. Łokcie swobodne w ruchach, śródręcze krótkie i proste, nadgarstek ledwie widoczny.

Hindquarters. Mocno zbudowane i muskularne, pokryte gęstym włosem. W chodzie wyrzucane przed siebie. Thighs strong, kolana miernie wygięte, nie zwrócone na zewnątrz. Low hock joint. Strong paws, umiarkowanie okrągłe, nie za małe; palce wysklepione i ułożone prosto do przodu. Black nails, piętki bez pęknięć lub rogowatych narośli.

Tail. Set high, obcięty na 3/4 length, bez frędzli i pióra, dobrze okryty szorstką sierścią, carried merrily, lecz prosto, nie ponad grzbietem.

Robe. Hard cover hair, rough, pozornie nierówne, niezbyt długie, nie zacierające sylwetki tułowia, a zwłaszcza tylnych nóg. Simple, sprężyste i przylegające, nie kosmate, bez loków i kędziorów. Podszycie delikatniejsze i miękkie.

Ointment. Uniform, najbardziej ceniona w kolorze jasnoczerwonawym, czerwonosłomkowym lub żółtoczerwonym. Na tle jednolitej barwy często spotykana i dopuszczalna biała plamka na piersi. Na nogach biel mniej pożądana.

Body dimensions. Masa psów w kondycji wystawowej najbardziej pożądana 12,5 kg, suki 11,5 kg. Height at the withers approx 45 cm.

Disadvantages. Clear eyes.