The most popular dog breeds

The most popular dog breeds

It is known for a long time, that the dog is man's best friend, who will never betray, if necessary, he is ready to stand up for his relatives and he is able to make our time pleasant, and how few animals can show us love and affection. That's why everyone loves them, not only the little ones, who even love pets, but also the elderly, and most importantly, they often help us in carrying out various tasks, in return expecting only attention and, of course, some minor attention, tasty snack.

There is no doubt about it, that there are many breeds of dogs in the world, which enjoy more or less interest, but objectively it must be stated, that miniature dogs are very fashionable recently. Primarily, they are perfect for company, because they are extremely fun, they attach quickly and do not take up much space, so you can even keep them in a small flat. also, this is also worth mentioning, that beautiful Dalmatians are still in fashion, which not only look wonderful, but also have a great character, for they are characterized by gentleness and self-control, and the desire to play, making them suitable pets for children, but those a bit older, aware of it, that the dog is a living being, not just another toy, so he cannot be hurt.

Except that, when we love to spend time actively, a perfect companion for us during, e.g.. your mountain treks will be exuberant beagle, counted among the hounds, who love exercise and fresh air. Great Labradors are no less adorable, belonging to hunting dogs. Primarily, they quickly become attached to the family, but that they would be obedient and not give us any trouble in the future, they must be properly trained. Otherwise, among the popular breeds of dogs, it is necessary to replace the cute dachshunds, which are very friendly, they like to Apparate, they need a lot of attention from their caregivers. The faithful sheepdogs are also worth mentioning, who look after our belongings with great dedication and about defensive animals characterized by extraordinary speed, agility and sharpened sense of smell.

also, if we are going to breed purebred dogs, we must remember this, that it is an extremely difficult task, for it requires a lot of time from us, sacrifices as well as money. However, the most important condition for proper care of dogs is sincere devotion to beautiful dogs, which for the love they have been given, they can repay with affection and incredible fidelity.