Training and training of Labradors

Training and training of Labradors

It must be clearly stated at the beginning, that Labradors are hunting dogs, so keep that in mind, by undertaking their training. Primarily, they love to fetch, therefore they are in seventh heaven, when they can supply different items to us, of course, they expect rewards in return, preferably in the form of food, because these beautiful dogs just love to eat. Therefore, rewarding them with various delicacies, we will be able to teach your pets practically everything.

This must be clearly emphasized, that Labradors are very clever animals, because they win people over very quickly, to get it, what they really want, that is, of course, eating. For this they beg at the table, because few people are able to resist the buttery face of a dog. also, adore to be in the spotlight, and they also have a habit of taking everything in their mouths, what will happen, Unfortunately, most of them are our shoes, which later can only be thrown away. Otherwise, bathing is a lot of fun for them, unfortunately, not only the water ones, but also muddy.

Of course, if we want to train a Labrador properly, we have to agree with all the residents, what is allowed the dog, what not, because consistency in training is a necessary condition. Otherwise, the animal will quickly sense our weakness and wrap us around its finger. It is important, reward labrador for proper behavior, e.g.. handing him a mascot, which he can play at will. However, in the case of bad habits, you should not pay attention to him, because the greatest punishment for him is his lack of interest in his character.

Except that, a dog of this breed gets bored quickly, so if we want to encourage him to do the same activity several times, we must reward him appropriately, because an attractive prize, necessarily in the form of a tasty snack, it has an incredibly stimulating effect on him. Otherwise, he is a very friendly animal and he would love to greet all people, obskakując i, therefore it is extremely important, to teach him to command SIAD, thanks to which our pet will not be too pushy to show his feelings towards our guests.

Certainly, we shouldn't leave the children alone with the Labrador, not because he was dangerous to them, but you have to bear that in mind, that it is massive and can easily knock over a toddler, and even crush it. At the end, it is worth mentioning about it, that you should be careful, so as not to fatten your pet, because Labradors tend to have joint dysplasia.