Raising a dog – training

In the past, the dog hid just like that for a year, how be, “By the kitchen”. So he spent his youth completely neglected. Then he was put into training for weeks or months, where, along with other similar delinquents, he was brought up using the "par force."”. During his studies, he was forced to perform a few tricks, like serving, attacking people (because it cannot be called a proper defense), giving paws or downing and retrieving, when it was about the pointers. Such a hooted and distrustful dog returned to the old or new master with the name "arranged"”. If the master was a friend of animals and knew intuitively or on the basis of his own experience, he was able to gain the dog's trust, there could be benefit from this science, if he was able to record and develop in his pet the beginnings stuck in his training. If he couldn't, to pies, which when buying or after "school"” showed his skill, after some time in the hands of a new owner he suddenly became "stupid" or "stubborn". So he collected “spanking” more or less often” for that, that he "does not want" to obey orders, which he just didn't understand. Finally, impatiently, the master assigned it to a chain, either he "made" someone of his friends happy with it - where the same thing started all over again - or he finally left the dog alone. This one eventually became a tramp, so it was really a waste of time and money for his "education".

Someone, who really loves animals, he wants to have pleasure and use with his dog, he should raise him for himself. So I advised you at the beginning of this book, to acquire a young dog, if you have favorable conditions and time. I also avoided the frequent use of the word "training". I believe, that the average amateur does not train, but upbringing, even when it comes to a working dog.

Proper upbringing is the best basis for further learning, both in human beings, and in animals. You can, of course, also an older one, to train a completely strict dog, however, it is easier and better to raise him from an early age, slowly and gradually awakening in it, as it matures, desirable instincts, and suppressing the undesirable. The handler's attitude to the dog should always be based on the principle of “coexistence in a pack”. The Lord should undeniably be the authority against rebellion, but inspiring immeasurable trust, that with him, "Pack guide”, the dog is safe, that together they constitute a team that controls the environment.

These notes are intended primarily for amateur use, who wants to prepare one or more dogs for himself. The situation is different in factories, where for business purposes, militia, border guards, of communications or medical forces, a larger group of dogs is trained at the same time. There, of course, you have to use a more conventional method, but it must never be forgotten, that the dog is endowed with individual character traits and requires individual treatment.

Training in plants is carried out by experienced professionals, who observe not only the course of the dog's learning, but also give guidance on proper behavior to handlers receiving training with their dogs. The final touch” it is only practice that gives a dog.