Pattern entered in the FCI register under the number 99a (1963 r.)

Next to a typical short-haired pointer, in Germany and Austria there is a similar Weimaraner (Weimaraner pointing dog). His head appears longer due to a stronger occipital tumor. The ears are pointed rather than pointed. The coat is more silky. It is a rather forest-water dog; slower in field work. Versatile in use, easy to drive; with passion, but without being overly temperamental, seeking systematically and persistently, having a particularly good sense of smell, cut for predators and in defense, sure in standing up and in the water. Special tracking and retrieval abilities.

General impression. Hunting dog of medium to large height, type corresponding to its task, shapely, well received, not rebuilt in the rump.

Head. Dry, size in proportion to the size of the entire body, wider in dogs than in bitches. There is a dent in the middle of the forehead. The back of the head is slightly protruding. The muzzle is long, strong - especially in dogs. The bridge of the nose is straight, often a light garbonos, never concave. The leading edge is slight. Lips moderately pendulous, slight fold, cheeks clearly defined. The ears are wide and quite long, pointed with a rounded tip, narrow base, set high; slightly forward when listening. Dark fleshy nose, turning towards the rear into gray. The eyes are amber colored, with an intelligent expression; blue during the puppy period.

Torso. The back is typical of the breed - quite long, but not swayed.

Limbs. Tendonous, arm well angulated. Quite long paws. No dewclaws. Palce black, arched,- longer middle fingers are not defective.

Tail. Cropped at the age of 1-2 days to a length of 4-4.5 cm, in long-haired vertebrae shortened by 2-3 in age 14 days.

Robe. Short, soft (silky), rough, hard-haired or long-haired (the last two varieties are quite rare).

Ointment. Silvery, roe deer or mouse, as well as any shades in between these tones. The head and ears are usually slightly lighter in color. White spots allowed only in small sizes on the chest and toes. Along the back there is a more or less wide dark stripe. Dogs with a clearly tan colored coat may only be used for breeding purposes, when they are excellent at hunting.

Increase. Height at the withers: dog 59-70 cm, like 57-65 cm.