Pattern entered in the FCI register under the number 234 (6. XI. 1964 r.)

Exotic breed, rarely seen, but once bred with us in Bydgoszcz. Hairless.

Before the Spaniards took over Mexico, Indian tribes considered the meat of these dogs a delicacy, and for this purpose these animals were kept. At the same time, they were considered to represent the god Xolotl, which was believed to guide the souls of the dead towards their destiny. In the state of Colima, ceramic figurines of dogs from those times have been preserved, discovered recently, in the graves. The rural people of Mexico still believe today, that keeping your dog naked at home protects you from many diseases (from the common cold to asthma, and even malaria) and heals them. People of the older generation take these dogs to bed constantly. A naked dog's high body temperature can sometimes prevent some suffering, which undoubtedly explains this folk faith.

General impression. The dog is somewhat similar in body and posture to a large Menczester terrier. Almost slim silhouette, with a harmonious appearance, grateful in movements and about being proportionate, slim limbs.

Head. Rather wide, with a long tapered muzzle, longer than the cerebral part of the head. The snout is almost an extension of the forehead line. The frontal edge and the superficial arch is barely marked. Expressive ears, elegant and large, lengths approximately to 4 cm, thin, delicate construction, resembling bat ears. Rather on the sides of the head. In a lively dog, positioned stiffly and obliquely at an angle of 50-80 ° to the base. Medium-sized eyes, not too close together and not too wide apart, not sunken and not protruding, slightly almond shape. Color from yellow to black; desirable dark, both of the same color. Intelligent look, wyrażające czujność i usposobienie zwierzęcia. Oprawa oka ciemna, u psów o słabej pigmentacji partii twarzowej może być różowa lub prawie różowa. Nos ciemny u osobników ciemnych, albo różowy czy brązowy u okazów z mniejszą pigmentacją. Wargi jak najbardziej przylegające do dziąseł i zębów Bez obwisłości. Scissor bite. Brak wszystkich przedtrzonowców albo jednego lub więcej siekaczy jest tolerowany, ale pierwszeństwo daje się okazom z kompletem siekaczy.

Neck. Wysoko noszona, proporcjonalnie długa, pliable, gently curved, wdzięczna jak u antylopy, bez fałdów i bez nadmiaru skóry.

Torso. Deep chest, w miarę wąska, sięgająca ku dołowi aż do łokci. Przedpiersie dobrze rozwinięte, lecz nie ograniczające ruchów przednich kończyn. Brzuch umięśniony, lecz równomiernie podciągnięty. Straight back, choć giętki, z wyraźnie zaokrąglonym zadem. Karpiowaty niepożądany. Tułów raczej długi w stosunku do wysokości.

Limbs. Oglądane z przodu i z tyłu proste i o dobrych proporcjach; dostatecznie długie w stosunku do wielkości psa. Łokcie nie odstające. Kąt między łopatkami a ramieniem 45°. Udo silnej budowy, muscular. Łapy „zajęczeo zwartych palcach. Pazury czarne u ciemnych okazów, jasne u osobników z niepigmentowaną stopą.

Tail. Low seated, gładki, rather long, tapering towards a thin tip, sięgający co najmniej do stawu skokowego, gdy jest opuszczony.

Robe. Skóra w dotyku gładka i delikatna, zwłaszcza w partiach mniej wystawionych na działanie słońca. Przypadkowe blizny i szramy nie wpływają na ocenę, gdyż skóra tych psów jest z zasady bardzo wrażliwa. W dotyku ciepła, gdyż normalna temperatura ciała wynosi 40°, which is the most distinctive feature of this breed. Moreover, the dog is sweating, especially in the lower parts of the body and consequently has to hang out or pant less often than other dogs. The hair only forms a head of short hair, coarse and sparse hair on the head. There is also a tuft of similar hair at the end of the tail, but insignificant, not changing his profile. The complete absence of hair is not a disadvantage.

Ointment. Solid dark brown, grey, gray-black or black, although animals with pink (unpigmented) or brown spots are tolerated, but the lack of pigmentation at a larger size is undesirable. The hair on the head and tail of dark animals is black, in lighter specimens of any color harmonizing with the whole.

Increase. Minimum 30 cm. Currently, they have the best specimens 50 cm high at the withers.

Chody. Sliding and elegant.

Non-Disqualifying Defects. Cowardly wearing ears, not quite upright. Hair occurrence anywhere other than that predicted by the pattern. Excessive lack of pigment. Skin excessively loose, forming folds. Dewclaws.

Disqualifying Defects. Pendulous ears (jak u ogara) or cropped. Tail clipped or broken. Albinizm. Cryptorchidism one thing- or both sides. Undershot, overshot bite.

Comments. The adult individual tends to be rather calm and reserved; only barking or growling when provoked, which does not mean, however, to be cowardly or gloomy, on the contrary, he should be cheerful and quick-witted, although at the same time balanced and not aggressive. Small puppies have a short nose and short limbs; for some time they can be noisy and more distrustful than adults. They do not yet match the benchmark and cannot be evaluated pending, until they are fully developed.

Apart from this breed, officially recognized and entered into the FCI register, there are also other naked dogs, a to abisyńskie, African, as well as the Chinese FCI 288. The latter appeared in West Germany, arousing a sensation with its filigree build and pleasant way of being a cozy female doggy.