Pattern entered in the FCI register under the number 86 a (18. VII. 1964 r.)

Yorkshire Englanders with breeding talent, they also showed here, what can be achieved in breeding by proper selection and persistent selection. The creation of this breed was intended to please amateurs of a dog with an eccentric appearance. In addition, the dog is considered a vigilant guardian; it can play this role despite its impractical dress.

General impression. Hair falling completely straight and even on both sides of the body, parted from the nose to the tip of the tail. The silhouette is very compact and shapely, with the head held high. The dog gives the impression of being alive and harmoniously built, about an attitude that expresses "importance".

Head. Rather small and flat, not very round in the cerebral part. Mouth not too long. The nose is completely black. Medium-sized eyes, dark and shiny, o bystrym, intelligent expression and so set, to look straight ahead; not bulging. The rims of the eyelids are dark. The ears are small, V-shape and worn straight or half-folded; not too wide apart, covered with short hair in a rich tan. Teeth completely even, healthiest possible. Accidentally missing a tooth is not considered a defect, if the jaws are equal.

Torso. Very compact, with strong loins. Equal ridge.

Front limbs. Completely simple, covered with abundant hair in a juicy golden and tan color, slightly lighter at the tip than at the base. The hair is tan from the elbow down.

Hindquarters. Completely simple, covered with abundant hair, a juicy golden and tan ointment (like the front). Tan from the ankle down. Paws as round as possible. Black nails.

Tail. Cropped in half, profusely hairy, colored blue, darker in tone - especially at the end - than the torso; carried slightly above the topline.

Robe. Quite long and completely straight on the body (not wavy), shining like silk, delicate, silky structure.

Ointment. Long head hair, gray, richly tan, darker on the sides of the head and at the base of the ears and on the face covered with particularly long hair. Tanning on the neck is unacceptable, as well as the presence of black or red hair among tan. Dark steel blue from the back of the head to the base of the tail (not silvery blue). Fawn not allowed, brown or dark. Light tan on the chest. All tan hair should be darker in the middle than the tip.

Time. Do 3 kg.